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About Us

Our solutions ensure your organisation leverages the latest technologies and platforms to optimise business performance and convert prospective clients to sales.

No matter if you need a simple web presence, a larger website with lots of content, fully automated eCommerce and stock management system or CRM and database solutions to improve office workflow we work closely with you on the solutions to meet your requirements.

Unsure what you need?

We can help you understand what your problems are and will translate these into actionable solutions for you.

With over 10 years experience across multiple clients and industries we see things from a different perspective and can guide and advise you on what can perform best for your business. We carefully consider your investments in technologies and solutions to factor in their long term value and returns.

With the rapid pace of evolving technologies we are learning everyday to keep on top of the latest technologies and trends to make sure you are always ahead and keeping your customers happy.

Website Design

Your website is the first impression your customer will have of you so needs thought and collaboration to get this right.

Design encompasses the user interface, the flow your customers will take and finaly the imagery to complete the whole feel.

Search Engine Optimisation

A well thought out website with carefully curated content can be a massive help in the fight for the top in the ever changing search engine world. Having a great strategy can keep you competing and help your customers find you easily.

Copy Writing

Well written content is so important and needs to be tailored to your demographic, working closely with the user flow around your website and ultimately convincing your customers of the value of your products or services.

Bespoke development

Coming up with a solution to meet your exact needs and your clients exact needs can be a great way to perform well and make the most of your budget.

WordPress development

WordPress is a great platform that can be used by a large variety of customers this can provide an easy way for you to manage your content yourself. We build bespoke themes using the WordPress framework meaning we are not relying on plugins this can mean your website is first simple to edit and second will load fast for your customers.

Using the WordPress framework closely we can build anything from a simple website, directory website or eCommerce platform within the easy to edit confines so you can keep your content up to date.

eCommerce websites

We build bespoke eCommerce websites to help you sell your product to your customer, this can be great as you own the whole process and flow that your customer takes to give a much more personalised service.

Working with Api's for stock control and managment can help you automate processes so your website really works for you.

Single page websites

A lot of our customers only need a basic website to sell their service or product but don't want the hassle of trying to do it themselves with one of the many website builders out there.

Databases, CRM and Automation


If you work with data we can probally help you out. Using the web we can automate, link into Api's, simplify and display your information to you and your customers exactly as your require.

CRM ( Customer Relationship Database )

Working with your customers can be hard, making a bespoke CRM so all your staff can work in unison with all data infront of them can help your staff be more efficeint and offer a better service.

Automation and Processing

Using Api's and your day to day processes we can link things together to make day to day life more efficient and allow you to focus more on your customers.

Taking data from your orders can then be broken down into manufacturing processes, stock management and packing lists to prepare products for your customers.

bywill - web technologies

Web Technologies

Using the latest technologies

We ask the questions and look into your requirements so we can build what you need, we can then make use of the technologies that best suit your project.


There is a large array of devices that need to access your websites so we make sure everything is fully responsive and accessible.


We know your data is important so we make sure everything is backed up daily and is utilised to its fullest to intergrate into how you operate your business.


Our cloud hosting is 100% green, using 100% renewable energy in high security datacentre's so you can be safe in the knowledge your website is always going to be there.


We work with both Google and Microsoft services to provide secure and reliable email for you. We can further make use of API's within to help with automation and custom development projects.


Your files are important and need to work for you so we can ingegrate your systems with Dropbox, AWS, Gmail and Microsoft to make things work cohesivly.


We can manage your domains making sure your services are all secure and stress free.

bywill - consultancy


We bring you our expertise to help you answering questions you did not know you had.

There are such a vast array of solutions for everything you do in business and helping you learn about them and quantifying the results you will see can make a massive difference to how you operate.

We work for and with a lot of companies so can help with collaboration and bring the right people together to answer the questions that may not yet have answers.

Get in touch and we can chat about how you can grow and keep up with technology.

bywill - our work

Our Work

Anns Pasties Best Days Out Cornwall 360 Beaches Deadsailor BMX National Trust Penzance Town Council RW Freight

Anns Pasties

We have worked closely with Anns pasties on their WordPress website with a bespoke eCommerce build selling pasties nationally and locally

The majority of the work is behind the scenes in processing there online orders and giving the staff instructions of what needs to be produced that day and what needs to be packed and sent. This has automated the majority of their internal processes meaning staff can focus on producing a great product.

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Best Days Out Cornwall

A website to help promote tourist attractions across cornwall, this site is built in WordPress and utilises Google Maps API's to give the websites user a better experience in looking for information.

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360 Beaches

A WordPress directory build utilising scripts to display interactive 360 images and Google MAPS API integration to display and filter locations live.

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Deadsailor BMX

This is a WordPress site with fully bespoke eCommerce system tightly intergrated.

Behind the scenes there is a full stock management system wich intergrates directly with his suppliers for stock qty and importing fresh products.

Being bespoke this website has grown quickly over the years as we are able to intergrate new features quickly and offer the best experience we can for the user.

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National Trust

We have worked with the National Trust implementing systems for their cafes to be able to order signage for their menus.

This system then also manages the production and proccessing of these orders.

Penzance Town Council

Refreshing an old WordPress site they had been built that had previously been utilising a lot of plugins causing numerous issues, slow loading and even errors as plugins become out of date.

The new website has been built to utilise minimal plugins we use day to day and trust. The result is a faster and better experience for the public who are looking for important information.

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RW Freight

We have worked with RW Freight for a long time so have a good understanding of how they do things this means we can work very closely with them.

Initially we created a CRM to manage customer queries and over the years this has gown and been intergrated with all their other systems and has been built around the staff who are using it day to day.

We regually get feature requests from the staff that are actually using the system, which are quick to intergrate and allows them to take more ownership of the system they are using.

The system has intergrations incomming and outgoing via a myrid of technologies from ftp, email, API's , Google Drive and Gmail plugins.

An unplanned side bonus of this project was that it easily allowed the staff to work from home when restrictions first came into place where competitors were still relying on paper work and hard filing systems.

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